Our label launched in Spring 2005. We are located in Portland, Oregon, Cascadia, our home city. We are an independent label with no obligations or affiliations to any larger business enterprise.

community libraryOur story begins with a monthly club night we started in January, 2003, called Community Library Club, hosted by resident DJs P. Disco (aka Strategy) and Brokenwindow (aka Solenoid). The club night featured “themed” DJ-sets in which musics from different styles and eras were combined based on thematic or topical similarities (for example, a set of all songs about ‘eyes,’ ‘crime,’ etc.). From this process we fell in love with the discoveries that emerged from juxtaposition.

Out of this adventure, the label concept was born- an archive of works by artists who may differ significantly in terms of genre, but share an approach/ethic/process to their work – rooted in known territories, but always pulling at their boundaries, either by design or intuition.

We release music in vinyl, compact disc, and digital formats. We intentionally maintain a casual pace, working on just several releases a year.

Demos: we strongly encourage thoughtful demo submissions. Please explore our catalogue before submitting to see if we’re the right fit for you. We’ll reply if we have time and like you or your band’s work. Take the extra time and effort to help us know your music in detail. Due to limited time and capacity to handle inquiries we may not have the opportunity to reply right away or at all.



Prezident: David Chandler
Vice Prezident: Paul Dickow
Remote Outpost: Chris Herbert
Design: John Phemister/Wilderness
Web Design: Emily Aslin/Honeybones Design
Graphic identity originally developed by multifresh.

Contacting us via Post:
Community Library
PO Box 1564
Portland, OR 97207

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