DJ C feat. Zulu // Body Work


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DJ C feat. Zulu
“Body Work”
10″ single

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Release Date: May 28, 2007

Here we are: ComLib is finally catching up with it’s earlier momentum in the riddim-driven vinyl department.

You’ll remember when we filled dancefloors worldwide to the sound of Zulu & DJ C’s “Animal Attraction” 7” – an end of summer smash that sold out super quick. We immediately lined up our guys for another single (they are now regular collaborators, having appeared together on a Deathsucker label 12” last year) to keep you all fixed up with regular doses of their high tempo, genre-mashing sound.

“Body Work” (a ‘prequel’ for their upcoming ComLib 12” single “Darling”) hits again in that perfect 135bpm zone between dancehall, grime and dubstep. Chicagoland (via Panama) vocalist/producer Zulu is in top form on this single revving us up about ‘body work’ and – well let’s just say this song is not about massage or physical therapy. Zulu is still perhaps the perfect match for DJ C’s deep and genre-convolving style. Not content to fall into trappings of any of its reference points, DJ C ‘s “Jump Up and Bounce” rhythm splices dubstep’s skip-n’hop snare up with a stuttering kick drum and inverted, syncopated breakbeat, reminding us that he’s one of the USA ‘s number one junglists.

You’re starting to see ComLib from every angle now, full of surprises and clever turns…But always ready to deliver a summertime grimehall/dub-clash/mashstep tune from our favorite production team. Try out this new music-platter and stay tuned for more in this vein, on 12” and 10” singles.

A1. Body Work
B1. Body Work Version (DJ C- “Jump Up and Bounce” riddim)

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