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The ComLib System of Selecting Music for a Theme-Based DJ Mix

A guide and scoring system for the disc jockey intending to refine a high degree of ‘theme-oriented’ guidance over the selection of music within a mix set.

Because dj’s can learn and entertain in new ways by taking advantage of these techniques.

These rules are meant to be used only as seriously as is useful and fun out of dj’ing, though the point system allows for someone rigorous competitions to develop, if desired.

Because this selection technique is based on intellect and analysis, physical dj’ing skills aren’t required.  This means that anyone who likes music and musicology can benefit exploring musical ideas from a theme-based perspective.

In the scoring system below, the higher the score (logically), the more appropriate the song/track would be for a particular theme(subject)-oriented collection of diverse music.  Scoring is meant to be cumulative for multiple factors. Exceptions and adjustments are outlined afterward.

Point accumulations
1 – band name relates to the theme
2 – uses a word related to the theme in the track title
2 – main chorus repeats a word or phrase related to the theme
3 – lyrics that continually refer to the theme throughout the verses
3 – lyrics that are theme-oriented are used as a metaphor for something else (theme-subject is a )
5 – unusual-genre, instrumental version of a highly-recognizable song that audience could easily connect to the theme
2 – the song is the parody of another song (but in this case the lyrics were changed for comic effect and happen to refer to the theme)
2 – for scoring 2 or more points but for *not* being within the common genres of rock, pop, or hiphop, OR whatever top 2-3 genres of music that the theme has a lot of songs in  (this helps to boost the diversity of the genres represented in the mix – example: for a theme of “marijuana”, the song may get 2 points simply for *not* being in the genres of reggae, hiphop, or ‘hippie’ music)
1 – for the title or lyrics directly addressing the idea of a “theme” or being ‘thematic’ (example: songs “Theme for Airports” (for an ‘airplanes’ or ‘transportation’ theme), or “Theme for Great Cities” (for a ‘cities’ theme)