Project Perfect // PM+


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Project Perfect

1. Rome
2. Montage HEAR IT!
3. Three Titles
4. The Down Time
5. 444 HEAR IT!
6. Missing Concept
7. After the Event
8. The Situation
9. Routine
10. Closing Credits
–bonus tracks–
11. Furniture of Water
12. The Massive Lawn
13. Avian Catastrophes
14. Retirement Community Overthrow
15. The Stop Stops Here

Release Date January 16, 2007

Original Press Release:
Welcome Project Perfect to Community Library’s cast of contributors! PM+ is the definitive document of this elusive duo, as well as a key release for us that draws together ComLib’s threads of musical coverage, such as abstract electronic music, jazz, free improvisation, and noise musics.

Project Perfect (Andy Brown- synth, electric piano, drum machine, and Charlie Smyth- guitar, radio) were the tricksters of Portland ‘s music community during the days of their frequent and strange performances (2002-2004). Appearing live in costume or with exotic dancers on stage, the group’s deadpan humor was at odds with their profoundly introspective, abstract music. Following from their membership in Fontanelle, the two longtime collaborators came into their own with a reputation for consistently dextrous live performances, a distinctively insular sonic vocabulary, and a fluid, telepathic improvisatory rapport.

Project Perfect’s mastery over sounds takes them jump-cutting from squiggles, squonks, and blurts of random (yet eerily on-target) radio broadcasts, to moments of austere, dry guitar-and-piano interplay. Hopping between tender and bombastic moods, introspection and extroversion, delicacy and jarringness, the band’s sense of variety within a narrowly defined sonic palette is unmatched. Their approach comes from some oblique musical reference points (Runegrammofon label, Cabaret Voltaire, Conrad Schnitzler, or Cluster come to mind), but this was a group that truly did not sound like any other.

PM+ adds additional tracks to the original recording PM , a CD that was essentially privately released by conceptual arts group Red76, in 2002. Completely undistributed, and never exposed to local or outside press, PM came to us as a crucial piece of lost Portland music, along with additional recordings the band made in 2003.

Andy Brown was a founding member of the celebrated early kranky band Jessamine, as well as of its less-understood successor, Fontanelle. He has also been part of the drone group Southerning , and is now of the audio/visual trio Paint & Copter. Charlie Smyth (also ex-Fontanelle) has worked in everything from skronking jazz-rock (with Seattle ‘s Laundry in the 1990s) to free improvisation (in the early 00’s) and most recently, as a folk-rock songwriter (!) in Chicago, Berlin, and Seattle once again.

Please share our enjoyment of this singular, intimate, and cosmic recording with us.





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