Reanimator // Special Powers


Price: $12.00

Special Powers CD

1. Clicks and Drones May…
2. No Dancing
3. Eat the Magic Toast
4. Mayne is an Orange Animal
5. Phase Constellation/Diskombah HEAR IT!
6. Blown Subidah
7. Special Powers HEAR IT!
8. Nasty Shower Curtain

Release Date: Summer 2006

Original Press Release:
From the vaults of Portland’s underground we bring you Reanimator, one of the city’s most unusual electronic music groups ever. The master tapes were nearly destroyed in the Hurricane Katrina disaster last year, so we are incredibly thankful to get the chance to release these now!

Directly inspired by leftfield electronic, noise, and techno artists such as Pan Sonic, Force Field , and Mouse on Mars , but most closely resembling the first of these, Reanimator were experts at improvising heavy, synthetic, syncopated, and dubbed-out minimal beat music using the barest machinery. With a handful of mismatched drum machines, test-tone oscillators, budget samplers, and delay pedals, and improvising directly to ¼” tape, they created a huge body of work, ranging from the pacific, chord-backed “Phase Constellation” to the polyrhythmic thump of “Special Powers.” This collection demonstrates the band’s rugged “pirate” ingenuity and DIY inspiration as they forged into the unknown hinterlands of minimal, handmade electro-techno- or as the band called it then, “evil dub.”

The recently re-formed Reanimator were based in Portland until 2001. Now, the two members (clandestine identities not to be revealed) split their time between New Orleans, Asheville, North Carolina, New York City, and points in between as they tour extensively with their other group, IPCP (Load Records.) The recordings in hand actually date to the year 2000, year zero for Portland music in so many ways: genres were convolving, electronic instrumentation was being embraced for what felt like the first time, and the plethora of non-traditional venues was expanding rapidly. These recordings celebrate this era/context as much as they anthologize the works of Reanimator themselves.

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