Zulu & DJ C // Animal Attraction


Sold Out

Zulu & DJ C
“Animal Attraction”
7″ single

1. Animal Attraction
2. Version (“Ondtu” rhythm)

Released August, 2006

Original Press Release:
Welcome back the 7” single! Just when you thought Community Library would run out of tangential stylistic directions to pursue… we bring you the first title in an open-ended series of 7” releases, initially pointed in the direction of experimental DJ music. “Animal Attraction” is a more risque tale than one might expect from a label with “Library” in its name. No matter: we love Zulu’s sideways-view narrative of the real or imagined carnal exploits of a married businessman away on travels. It’s appropriately accompanied by one of DJ C’s most raw and anxious tracks to date, “Ondtu” rhythm (featured in version on the B-side). The first in what promises to be an ongoing collaborative relationship between Zulu and C, “Animal Attraction” has been C’s smash-hit set opener on his summer DJ tour through Europe and the UK !

Like all Community Library releases, “Animal Attraction” crosses the genre wires to explosive (and fun) effect. DJ C’s “Ondtu” draws inspiration from UK forms such as grime and dubstep, US club-rap slappers, and the backbeat-happy “Boston Bounce” local rhythm style (the invention of which C can claim partial credit for). Likewise, Zulu’s delivery is not just straight ragamuffin but also shows his versatility – a Panamanian singjay now located in Chicago , Zulu’s style brings the upbeat twitch of Reggaeton, and even the melodicism of House to a classic Dancehall style. Is this Grimehall? Raggastep? Pan-Caribbean Boston Bounce Music??? Whatever it is, it’s a ComLib milestone- another set of tunes by the most cutting-edge artists, crossing over their favorite styles to bring new music that pushes the envelope of experimentation while remaining sonically legible to the masses.

Zulu is currently based in Chicago where he produces dancehall and reggaeton. In addition to his solo work, the “Whitelabel Menace” has also appeared alongside luminaries such as Aceyalone.

DJ C is co-founder, along with DJ Flack of the fantastic labels Mashit (jungle/breakcore++) and Beat Research (outer limits beat music). He’s also recorded extensively for Shockout (where ComLib’s own Strategy first connected with him).

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